IMG 8586WThe Moorings Library is stocked with materials, books, magazines and AV items that are donated by residents.

• All materials may be taken out without a sign out system.

• Please return items to the table/box just inside the door nearest the auditorium.

• Book Donations - Please place them in the donation box near the east door. The Library Committee reserves the right to decide whether a book will be added to our collection. Books not added to the library collection are donated to the Lewes Public Library.

• Magazines - All magazines are resident donations. Place them in the Donations Box near the east door. Donations are appreciated but extremely backdated issues cannot be used.

• Most religious and religion-related material is in the Quiet Room located on the West Wing of the first floor, next to the Beauty Salon.

• A magnification machine is available in the library to aid residents with vision problems. A library committee member will be glad to instruct you.

• For questions, please log in to the website and contact the current Library Chairperson or Co-Chair listed under Committees - Library Committee. 

For the Lewes Library, please click here.